Rights Of Employers


1. To get Code Number ( Business No.) allotted with in 3 days.
2. To demand from the visiting Enforcement Officer an authority letter issued by Regional/Assistant PF Commissioner.
3. To approach EPFO to seek clarification / guidance relating to P.F. matters.
4. To be heard before imposition of any liability on account of contribution and penal damages.
5. To get a copy of the proceedings during 7-A or 14-B enquiry.
6. To get various forms free of cost.
7. To demand Annual statement of accounts of each and every employee at the end of each F.Y.
8. To demand improved service delivery for subscribers of his establishment.
9. To download all related information / documents of their interest.
10. To get copies of E.O’s report / proceedings under section 7 – A / 14 – B

1 .Right to membership of P.F, Pension and EDLI Schemes, on the day of joining in a covered estt. if drawing monthly Basic Pay and D.A. up to Rs.6500/-
2. To download his account statements / status of claim from the official website of EPFO.
3. To obtain claim forms free of cost from P.F. office or from his employer.
3. To obtain assistance/guidance from PRO / employer's office.
4. To submit claim applications in any office of EPFO and obtain acknowledgement.
5. To get claims settled with in a maximum period of 30 days.
6. To get the transfer of his account into the new account with in 30 days.
7. To execute nomination for receiving P.F. accumulations / Pension .
8. To receive guaranteed monthly payment of pension even in case of non payment of dues by the employer.
9. To receive PF dues from Special Reserve Fund-
- incase of non payment by employer of contribution deducted from wages,
- incase of non payment by the employer of establishment closed
for more than 5 years,
- incase of fraudulent withdrawal from his account.
10. To register grievance and get redressal thereof without prior appointment .
11. To get Nation wide Unique Permanent Social Security Number
12. To seek redressal of his grievance through Consumer Court being a consumer as has been held by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, in a case.
13. To represent his cause in the matter relating to enquiry under section 7 – A.

NOTE- For Downloading of various Forms and for latest amendments and circulars etc.-pl. visit the website of EPFO at—